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Client forms

Massagebee welcomes new clients. To help me with your treatments, all new clients will need to fill out my patient information form prior to receiving treatments. Any existing clients who have had any changes in their health, mental or physical conditions will need to update the patient information form. You may fill it out just prior to your visit (please arrive early to do that then) or you may click on the link below and fill it out and bring it with you to your scheduled visit. Please remenber to let me know if anything changes.

All new clients are required to complete the new patient forms. Please arrive a few minutes early to complete this if you are unable to print it off online. I strive to give every client a full 60 minutes of "hands on" attention that does not include paperwork, but late arrivals are counted into this hour. I will try to accommodate late arrivals, as I understand life can throw anyone a curve ball. But if another client is scheduled after you, I cannot impinge on their time.

Click here for fillable PDF You can fill it out then print it. You will need to sign it before your appointment

You may also click on the image below to open the PDF fillable form.

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